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Parents and children of check-in [9e954b6b56]

Added some extra arguments to the premise/conclusion hooks: index (for antecedants), path, and the actual term itself. check-in: f84190c56c user: andy tags: trunk
Split the `What` argument to elaborate into `What` and `Data`. What is now either 'goal' or 'ctx', while data identifies the sub-element. For ctx this is the index, but it can also be the index of a disjunct (when the goal is a disjunction), or 'ih' to indicate backchaining the user goal on the IH instead of on its definitions. check-in: 9e954b6b56 user: andy tags: trunk
Added screen shot of the proof assistant, starting a proof. check-in: caa7fbdd73 user: andy tags: trunk