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Flextime is a Javascript + Canvas graphics library for creating quick little sketches and rough prototypes, particularly those doing some kind of procedural generation. It's not well suited for building big graphical apps, but if you just want to hack something out quickly, Flextime may be just your cup of tea.

Want to see Flextime in action? Check out some sample code.

If you prefer to start with the nitty-gritty, the documentation for Flextime is this-a-way.

Ready to try it out? Download the most recent version here.

libcanvas is intended for real work; it's big and does a lot, but that also means that it has a high barrier to entry. Flextime is much smaller; it doesn't do as much, but what it does do, it does easily and simply. Processing.js is a port of the whole Processing language to Javascript; while Processing has similar goals as Flextime, it's design is limited by the language (Java) on which it is built. Flextime is fundamentally built on Javascript, and aims to take full advantage of the linguistic flexibility it provides.