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Fossil quick reference

A typical Fossil workflow

Fossil essential commands

A note about "autosync": Although Fossil is technically a distributed VCS, it defaults to "autosync mode". This basically means that any commands that would change the local repository will also attempt to run fossil sync to synchronize those changes with the central repository. If you are offline for some reason, the sync will fail. That's OK; just run fossil sync manually the next time you are online, and any changes you have made will be pushed to the central repo (and other peoples' changes will be pulled to you).

I should mention that since I've only ever used Fossil by myself, I have (almost) no idea what happens when you have a merge conflict (two people changing the same file and then trying to commit their conflicting changes). I seem to remember that whoever commits last basically gets copies of both versions, and thus is responsible for integrating the two versions of the file. But I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.